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The Stoke Gifford Journal was established in January 2012, bringing the successful format established by its sister publication the Bradley Stoke Journal to the parish of Stoke Gifford, South Gloucestershire.

A monthly print magazine, delivered FREE to 5,000 homes, was launched in October 2018.

Our area of coverage extends from the new neighbourhood of Cheswick Village in the south of the parish to Little Stoke in the north.

In due course, we will also cover the new housing development due to be built soon in Harry Stoke and the East of Harry Stoke new neighbourhood foreseen in South Gloucestershire Council’s Core Strategy planning blueprint.

We cover everything that goes on in Stoke Gifford, including news from Stoke Gifford Parish Council, local shops, local businesses and employers (e.g. Friends Life, MOD, Hewlett Packard and UWE), organisations, schools and charities.

Our What’s On guide keeps you informed of the most important events in and around Stoke Gifford.

Find out more about what goes on in Stoke Gifford by visiting our photo archive on PicasaWeb.

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